City & County of San Francisco - Chapter 14B LBE Findings Report


The goal of the Chapter 14B Local Business Enterprise Ordinance (LBE) is to maximize opportunities for local small businesses to compete for city contracts and prohibit discrimination in the award and administration of city contracts.

In order to help inform the state of current business conditions in the City, and gather input from the small business community about the 14B program small business community was engaged to gather feedback related to the legislative and administrative aspects of the Chapter 14B LBE program.

After the meetings and surveys were complete I was tasked with taking the information and create a graphic document to help display key data and findings to help officials easily and effectively review evaluate the Chapter 14B LBE program that would help enhance the program.

The results of this work will be combined into a summary of community feedback. The goal is to use this information to help inform improvements to legislative and administrative aspects of the Contract Monitoring Division (CMD), and specifically to enhance the Chapter 14B LBE program.